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Favorite Recipes Press works with a variety of individuals and organizations, each with its own unique requirements and purpose. Some operate on a nonprofit basis and need creative, sound ideas for additional funding; others operate on a for-profit basis and are searching for a new profit center or a creative public relations tool. All are interested in the opportunity to tell their stories in thousands of homes through a practical, useful, attractive, permanent vehicle.

Creating a custom cookbook is much like working with an architect to build a home. Our job begins by learning as much as possible about your goals . You come to us with your vision, and we help lay out the plans and the custom cookbook to fulfill that vision. In the end, you own the book, and it will be copyrighted in your name or the name of your organization or company. You control the entire project — design, size, content, retail price, etc. Working with our team of professionals, you guide and control your project from beginning to end.

Our job continues by supporting you in the production of a cookbook, customized to reflect the unique image and character you require, and by providing systems and services that support the success of that cookbook through full-service marketing consultation.

We ease the frustration and financial burden faced by many self-publishers. Instead of trying to coordinate editing, design, artwork, color separations, typesetting, printing, binding, and packaging from many different vendors at different payment terms and prices, you can look to us to handle the entire project . We coordinate all of those details under one roof and with no initial investment on your part.

Just as you wouldn't want a roofer installing your plumbing, at Favorite Recipes Press graphic designers are not offering consultation on cookbook distribution and our sales force is not editing your recipes. We are proud to have a team of specialists in all areas of the cookbook development process to make sure your book is the finest quality production it can be.

Our philosophy calls for us to assist you each step of the way. Working together , we determine the right product at the right price, supported by a strong marketing system to help you accomplish your goals. The services you receive from us, along with our commitment to total customer satisfaction, makes us the perfect partner for all of your cookbook needs.

Many companies can print a book. Favorite Recipes Press can show you how to develop, produce, and market one. Our success is totally dependent upon the success of our customers.

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