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Custom Cookbooks
Eye-catching graphics. Delectable photography. Striking design and functional layout. These are prime ingredients in successful custom cookbooks.

Our art directors, designers, and typographers coordinate their work on client projects with project editors, editorial staff, and other team members. Their detailed work stamps clients' distinctive look upon each custom cookbook. Our design staff has contributed greatly to many Favorite Recipes Press partners' food publishing industry prizes and recognitions for large volume sales.

  • Graphic design services provided for all aspects of book-cover, spine, text, chapter openers, front and back matter, and recipe pages
  • Custom designs generated from art or photographs supplied by the client
  • Award-winning Art Directors, Production Designers, and Typographers on staff
  • Assistance in sourcing stock photography and art, if needed
  • Consultation with client hired talent-photographers, illustrators, etc. to coordinate all aspects of design work
  • Custom layout and copy fitting
  • Preparation of all digital files
  • PDF or color lasers for preliminary concept approval
  • Complete lasers for text approval
  • Contract quality color proofs
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