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Our clients have published some of the most successful cookbooks on the market. That success starts at the ground level with our talented creative team, made up of editorial, art and design professionals.

Our staff consists of a number of editorial professionals with high levels of food expertise. This staff includes a dietitian, nutritionist, food writers including the former food editor of theNashville Banner, the editor of the Central MarketFoodie, restaurant reviewers, published cookbook authors, and other specialists in research, food copy editing and proofing, and recipe analysis.

Our staff includes award-winning editors, designers and typographers whose work has won numerous awards and accolades. Adjunct staff/vendors include nationally known food photographers, food stylists, and food writers. Click here to view the extensive list of awards won by books produced by Favorite Recipes Press.

Favorite Recipes Press is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) and has staff representation at every conference. Nearly all of the sessions are covered and reviewed for the entire staff. We participate in all the teleconferences on food and food writing as well as reviewing IACP publications. In addition, Favorite Recipes Press subscribes to and reviews over two dozen major food publications, the weekly food trend newsletter, Trendwire, and maintains a library of trend setting cookbooks and reference materials.

Members of our creative team hold degrees--many advanced--in a variety of subjects--from a wide range of schools including Duke, Auburn, Pratt Institute, Northwestern, Cambridge, New York University, Hastings College in Nebraska and New Mexico State University. The creative staff also maintains ongoing education in cooking classes, seminars such as Food on Film and Culinary Institute of America offerings among others. In addition, We edit cookbooks containing a cumulative total of nearly 10,000 recipes each year from every part of the country which keeps us abreast of the trends in both home use, commercial foods, and recipes.

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