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Custom Cookbooks
During each custom cookbook project, every client receives close attention from the editorial team members. Because every project is custom, clients have different needs and we can accommodate those needs to make each cookbook fulfill the vision of the individual client.
  • Comprehensive cookbook publishing manual
  • Suggested development timeline
  • Prelaunch coordinator to answer questions prior to material submission and coordinate access to all Editorial and Design personnel
  • Project editor assigned to your project
  • Professionally written and edited recipes
  • Complete proofing of recipes and text
  • Copy editing of non-recipe text
  • Sorting, pagination, categorizing, and custom index provided
Some unique services may include:
  • Menu development
  • Nutritional profiles
  • Dietetic exchanges
  • Special charts and inclusions
  • Kitchen testing
  • Research/assistance with sorting archives
  • Food styling and photography (in studio or on location)
  • Copy writing
  • Recipe development
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