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A well thought out marketing plan, realistic goals and a corresponding budget are essential to the success of your cookbook. That's why Favorite Recipes Press clients receive marketing assistance in every phase of the cookbook process. Our team can walk you through pricing your book to pre-selling to establishing effective sales channels to promoting your title. We provide training resources and opportunities for consultation. We'll brainstorm with you, evaluate your plans and materials, and support you in all aspects of marketing your project. Our success is your success. Perhaps that's why so many of our clients produce additional volumes and continue to reprint successful books produced in partnership with us.

Our Marketing Services include:

  • Comprehensive Marketing Manual
  • Ongoing Marketing Consultation and support:
  • Table Talk: electronic newsletter
  • Media/Publicity Consultation
  • Distribution
    • Consultation and assistance on overall distribution plan
    • The Cookbook Marketplace distribution network is available for domestic ( US ) distribution (additional charge)
    • Web site presence at
  • MyFRP is the marketing assistance section of the FRP website for clients only.
    • Marketing plan templates
    • Sample budgets
    • Images of your cover in different formats
    • Cookbook awards submission information
    • Media/Publicity information
    • And more...


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