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Favorite Recipes Press can assist you in many different areas of publishing. You simply pick the project that is right for you.

Custom Cookbooks – Create a cookbook uniquely your own. The options are endless. We'll work with you to produce a high-quality cookbook to achieve your goals and start within your budget. There is a 5,000 minimum print run for our custom cookbook services. Since 1961, our team has created the custom cookbook product line under the imprint of Favorite Recipes® Press.
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eBook Conversion & Distribution

Forward thinking publishers know that the potential success of their books partly rests in their ability to reach and cater to a broad range of consumers. Although physical books remain the leading format of choice, a tremendous opportunity for digital publishing has emerged.

Through a partnership with Ingram’s CoreSource we will create, manage and distribute e-books directly to a large number of eBook retailers in North America and internationally.

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Food Publications & Website Content – Whether it's recipe cards, newsletters, magazines, product brochures or website content, our expertise in the area of food can help you create unique publications to communicate your message.
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